Holy Amarnath Cave

Holy Amarnath Cave

Holy Amarnath Cave

Amarnath caves hold Hindu beliefs in Lord Shiva from 5000 years. It is 40 m (130 ft) high and 90 ft long cave in Himalayan glacial valley. Ice incrustation hererepresents Shiva in the form of Shivlinga. The shape and size of it changes with phases of the moon.

Geographically, the Holy Amarnath Cave is positioned in a narrow gauge at the farthest side of Lidder valley. It is elevated at a height of 3,888 meters above sea level and is located about 141 km East of Srinagar, and, merely 46km away from Pahalgam.

History of Amarnath Cave:

Known as the pious cave associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Holy Amarnath cave is the most stunning location spreading heavenly bliss. As per the legends are to be believed, Goddess Parvati once asked about the skull bead garland, answering to her inquisition Lord Shiva told, whenever Pravati came back to new life he increase a bead in the chain. Then, Parvati said, “I died and my body was destroyed every time but my Lord you remain immortal. What is the secrete of this? Shankarji smiled and answered that is due to Amar Katha.” She requested to narrate the story to her too.

Shivji chose this cave to narrate “Amar Katha” to Goddess Parvati as it was in lonely area. As he moved towards the cave, Lord Shiva left Nandi at Pahalgam, his moon at Chandanwadi, his snakes at the bank of Lake Sheshnaag, his son Lord Ganesha at Mahagun Parvat and five elements (air, water, fire, earth and sky) at Panjtarini. In the wake of narrating it, he spread the deer skin asan, ignited Kalagni and destroyed everything living around the cave with it; so that no one can hear the story. But, as the luck would have it, an egg beneath the asan was protected by Shiva-Parvati in disguise. It heard the story of immortality then. The pair of pigeons born from it became immortal. From there on, Lord Shiva has started residing there in the form of an ice Shiva Lingam.

Discovery of Amarnath Cave:

There are couple of stories considering the discovery of Amarnath cave which have been mentioned already in Puranas. According to a legend, in the Kal Yuga, this cave was rediscovered by a shepherd named Buta Malik in 15th century. As the story describes, once Buta Malik met a saint, who gave him a pot full of coal. On returning home, he discovered that the coal transformed into gold. In the wake of happiness, he ran back to thank the saint. There, he could not find the saint. In turn, he got to see an ice Shiva Lingam in the cave of that saint. From there on, the news got spread and it became a place of pilgrimage for Hindus.

Another fable says, the Kashmir was under flood like situation then, Kashyap Rishi channelized water in rivers and tributaries. When Bhrigu Rishi was on the way to Himalayas he was the visitor to this holy cave and the Lingam. Later as the news about ice Shivalinga spread devotees too flock to this incredible terrain to carry out the pilgrimage since then for eternal bliss.

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